Blog-Themed Christmas

The gifts under the tree this year from my kids definitely had a outdoor theme to it.  My daughter has been one of my first blog followers, and even a photo contributor to my site, but who knew my 17 yr old boys paid attention at all?  (To be honest, I may have given the boys some hints, but they put their own spin on it)

First, I already get a few gardening and cooking magazines, but now I can add  Organic Gardening to my reading list.  I already follow it on-line, and I’m sure it’ll come in handy as I expand my gardening skills and knowledge.  Then, they got me a new bird tube feeder, a suet feeder and suet to go with the nyjer sock feeder.  I’m enjoying the visits from the goldfinches, but I hope I’ll be seeing more birds arriving in my yard with these new feeders.  I also put the feeders out just in time too, with the frigidly cold weather and snow settling in for a while.   The cute snowman feeder I saw on the Feeder Cam, also mysteriously made it under the tree.

bird feeders

Luckily we had a couple of days above freezing and I could get this pole moved into the right spot.

bird feeders

Then, I added the suet feeder and moved the snowman to the area.  I filled his brim with seed and hope we don’t have any winds to knock him over.  This area has the added bonus of being visible from the kitchen window.  But, this was the view and as soon as the birds started showing up, I knew there was a problem.


The screens were going to have to go!  Now the view is much better!  Cardinals, Juncos, a Downy Woodpecker are already visiting.  Being at the sink is going to be much more fun now.

bird feeder

My daughter surprised me with a very cute air-plant terrarium from a garden shop near her apartment. I’ll show that in an upcoming post.  

Hope you had a lot of fun things under your tree, too.  


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  1. What nice kids you have, and what great presents! The birds will certainly enjoy your new feeders, and you can enjoy the birds.

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