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Spring Colors Are Everywhere!

Spring in Chicago has been on and off again the last couple of months. We were teased with early warm weather and everything started popping out, but then winter seemed to come back and bring everything to a halt. But now, everything has just exploded in color.

Of all the wonderful spring blooms, my favorite is the daffodil.

After 20 years, last fall I added more daffodil bulbs to the ever dwindling display and I was not disappointed at my efforts.


We have two new magnolias that have done really well this year.  Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me they were reversed when planted last spring. I’ll have to have them replanted once they finish blooming and we’ll be back to square one with needing to baby them all summer again 🙁

The Jane Magnolia (Magnolia x ‘Jane) is one of the “Little Girl” Magnolias. It’s considered a late blooming magnolia and its blooms are a spectacular deep pink.

The other magnolia we planted is a Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’) which has large, fragrant, white double flowers. 

Even the bumblebees enjoyed this spring day on the rhododendron!

I love this time of year. Everything is so fresh, green and bright!

PS Photo credit goes to my husband Steve!


Spring Colors


While spring may have been late this year, it has been no less beautiful than usual.
















Windflower (Anemone)




Judd Vibernum


Judd Vibernum





Many thanks to my husband Steve for these wonderful photos!

The Seedlings are in the House, Literally!

Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow)

Just when we all thought we had turned the corner to spring, Mother Nature decided she doesn’t want to let go of winter quite yet.


Temperatures dropped down into the mid 20’s and we got about 1.5 inches of snow, although it didn’t really stick to any pavement type surfaces.

Because of the freezing temperatures, my seedlings that have been quite happy on the porch in their mini greenhouse needed to come inside or risk freeze damage. Quite unceremoniously, they get to spend the next couple of days on the kitchen table in the warmth of the house. Luckily no company coming over, but even if they did, they know me so they’d understand. Temperatures should be back up by midweek, although still below average.  I’ll move them back outside when the danger of sub-freezing temperatures has passed.  It’s probably a good thing I got the seeds started a little late.


The rhubarb is looking wonderful and will handle the snowfall just fine.




The Sedum “Autumn Joy” and Hens and Chicks that looked so good over the weekend, got a little buried last night.  Hopefully, they will be ok with the additional moisture and freezing temperatures.  Not too worried about the sedum, but the potted Hens and Chicks are less predictable.

Sedum "Autumn Joy"


Hens and Chicks

Relaxing on the patio will have to wait for another day.

Chaise lounges

First Day of Spring in Chicago

As I came home from Northern Michigan on the first day of spring, it was clear I was heading south by the disappearance of snow and the warming temperatures.  By the time I arrived home, my car thermometer had risen over 25° into the balmy 50’s.  Of course, my yard oddly always has the most snow left out of anyone on the block, or for that matter, the last 100 miles of the drive.

stephi gardens

But, there are definite signs of spring to be had.

The daffodils are popping their heads out!


The sedum looks healthy and colorful.




The White Oak is finally losing it’s leaves as buds begin to form.

White Oak

Moss is bright green and plentiful on the north side of the house


I’m puzzled by the emergence of day lilies and thankful that the hostas have not followed suit.  More cold, unseasonable weather is approaching and I’d hate to have too much frost damage.


I’ve also noticed the House Finches and Robins have started to return, although they’ve been very shy around the camera.  This time of year, I love wandering about the yard seeing what’s new.  Every day brings a change somewhere.  It is pretty muddy, so too early to really get much spring clean up done.  Are you seeing signs of spring in your yard?

Bu then, as a reminder of how far behind we are, here’s a shot from last year on the same day!  Soon, I keep thinking.



Dreaming of Last Frost Date

The spring weather has been teasing us; every two steps forward comes with one step back.  But despite the weather antics, it’s time to start thinking of when we can really start to plant.   My church has a plant sale fundraiser every year for our Child Care Center, so time to select some annuals to plant and help a good cause all at once.  Then unfortunately, I forgot to place my order for the annual member’s Plant Sale at the Morton Arboretum in the western suburbs of Chicago, but they have tons of great plants for sale in the open sale area from April 26th-28th.  Putting the dates on my calendar right now to find some things for a few “holes” in the garden.   Hopefully, the fields of daffodils will still be bloom when I am out there.