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I was lucky enough to recently attend a program, “Amazing Birds“, by some local, passionate birders.  Among learning quite a few “amazing” bird facts, they briefly mentioned their favorite thistle (nyjer) feeder to attract goldfinches–a sock feeder.  I forgot about this little tidbit, until I was doing some shopping on Plow and Hearth for some other items, and I came across this Nyjer Finch Sock and it was quickly added to my cart.

nyjer finch sock

As soon as it came, I rounded up one my many shepherd’s crooks in the yard and found a spot for it closer to the house.  Ideally, it’d be near some brush or shrubs to offer protection for the birds I was attracting.   I found just the spot and almost immediately had goldfinches.  Not the pretty yellow males, but the motley looking fall males that are molting into their winter colors and the always drab, but still charming, females.   Despite their winter colors, I find these to be  cheerful little birds flitting about the yard.

nyjer finch sock
nyjer finch sock

As a bonus, the juncos are enjoying the dropped seeds.  All seem happy and I look forward to visitors all winter.  I’ll definitely be buying more.

6 responses to “New Bird Feeder

  1. I miss having a bird feeder( can’t in SC because of the bears!),but this reminds me to fill up the ones I have here!

    • From your pictures, you sure don’t need anything else that would attract the bears. I bet if could though, you’d get some nice birds to come by.

  2. Great feeder for goldfinches! You need to get one of those plastic domes to hang over it to keep the seeds from getting wet. 🙂

  3. I have used sock feeders and they do a good job. I went back to my metal feeder after someone kept chewing through either the sock or the string holding it up. You may not have that problem, right?

    • Good point. I haven’t had that problem…yet. I hope not, I really like it. It’s fun to watch the birds clinging all over it.

  4. I’m sorry I got distracted and did not mean to make that last sentence a question.

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