Happy New Year

Happy New Years 2014

As we celebrate the New Year, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me over the past year as I started blogging here at Stephi Gardens.


  • to my family and friends who gave me the confidence to start this adventure,

  • to my early followers who have stuck with me and helped me grow my audience,

  • to all who have taken the time to offer kind words, make comments or answer questions,

  • to my family who puts up with all my new projects and picture taking,

  • to my mom Peggy for all her help with photos and ideas,

  • and to all my Blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter followers–

THANK YOU and I wish you all a very happy and wonderful 2014!


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  1. Since I’m new here, looking forward to your beautiful pics in 2014…..Happy New Year!

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