Who Won The Squirrels vs Feeder Contest?

I’ve had an ongoing issue with squirrels ravaging my bird feeders. I bought a great Squirrel Stopper pole, but because I wanted to see the birds from my kitchen window, and despite clear instructions not too, I placed it too close to a nearby tree and arborvitaes. So, those very acrobatic squirrels have had fun feasting at my feeders!

In a post earlier this winter, I wrote about finally investing in some well reviewed squirrel proof feeders to try and attract more birds than squirrels to my yard (Happy New Year’s To My Backyard Birds!).  So did they work?

I am so excited to say YES!

Right away the squirrels were back, but to no avail. The tried to get the tasty suet in the Stokes Select Squirrel Proof Double Suet Feeder, but they could only hang onto the outside, nowhere near the suet. The birds however, had no trouble figuring it out.

My suet is lasting much longer than it used to!

I was also really excited that the Brome 1057 Squirrel Buster Standard Wild Bird Feeder actually was squirrel proof!

Squirrels came to visit, but the feeder closed right up from their weight.  Also, it advertised that it was cardinal friendly and they were right.

My only complaint is that it is pretty small.  I looked at the bigger ones, but they seem better for clinging eaters than perch eaters like cardinals.  I think I’m just going to get a second one for my shepard’s crook pole in front of the kitchen window.

The other two older feeders also performed great against the squirrels. The Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone®Wild Bird Feeder kept the squirrels as puzzled as I had hoped.

Then adding to the fun, sometimes everything just goes wrong and off the feeder or pole they go in a blur of fur.

The peanut feeder also kept the squirrels away as long as I kept the top tightened on so it didn’t fall down. This feeder is frequented by red and white-breasted nuthatches and downy woodpeckers. This squirrel was quite determined to eat hos way in, but the feeder had really strong metal bars.

I also added a little metal thistle feeder to replace the thistle socks that weren’t holding up very well.  The squirrels have been totally uninterested in that feeder and the goldfinches are thrilled to have thistle back on the menu.

The birds are happy and the squirrels just hang out underneath with the juncos looking for fallen seed.

Do you have a favorite squirrel proof feeder?


2 responses to “Who Won The Squirrels vs Feeder Contest?

  1. I’ll have to try one of your new feeders. Squirrels & I have a long standing fight, and I rarely win. I’d love to beat them at their game!

    • I was so pleasantly surprised that the feeders worked. I had my doubts. Good luck with your battle and let me know if the feeder works for you too.

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