Time for the Yarrow to Go

I posted before about the problems I was having with my yarrow and I’ve finally decided it’s time to go.   It’s been a garden invader for years and especially this year, just downright ugly.


So I pulled it out.

This left an ugly gaping hole, but by next spring it’ll have something new in it’s place.  I’m thinking I’ll move the red Bee Balm (variety unknown) that is currently almost in full shade under a River Birch.


That was one of those mistakes made by a landscaper before I knew to ask questions and look into plant choices myself.  Sure, it was only lightly shaded back when the tree was planted almost 15 years ago.  But now, it’s dappled full shade and much too shady to grow a sun loving plant like Bee Balm.  I get a few meager flowers each year, but mostly it’s leggy, sparse and often gets a powdery mildew.  Time for a new home. There’s plenty of great shade loving plants that can take it’s place.


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