The Garden in Fall: The Bad

It’s the beginning of October and the days are getting shorter, the nights growing colder. While yesterday I posted about the good things in the fall garden, there are also a lot of plants and beds that are really past their prime.  Whether it’s overgrown, or the plants need to be trimmed back, or just haven’t aged well, they really detract from the pretty parts of the yard. Here’s some of the plants and spaces that don’t make me smile.

Those beautiful daylilys are really past their prime!


I’m not even sure what happened to these hostas???  Slugs, rabbits, too much sun, water???


Some beds are just not right and need plants moved/and or added.  Will be doing that soon!


My vegetable garden is just too small and becomes overgrown every year.  But, I think I finally have a plan to expand the garden!


Plants need to be split.  Need to get on that, too! 


After looking at all this mess, I went to the farmers market and pick up a lovely bunch of gladiolas!



2 responses to “The Garden in Fall: The Bad

  1. Let me know when you figure out what happened to the Hostas . Same happened to mine.

    • I’m going to ask around. I’ve never had trouble with those before. But, we lost a big River Birch there a couple of years ago, so it is sunnier there than normal. The Redbud in it’s place is growing great, but it can’t provide the shade yet that was there before.

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