It’s a Great Day to be Red: Part 2

After my last RED post, my son’s cross country team went on to win the IL State Championship for the first time in team history. And when it comes to sports, I am one of those weirdly superstitious people who think that, somehow, something I’ve done makes a difference in the results. So, I figured I had better do another post in support of their trip to Portland for the Nike Cross National (NXN) Championship Race.  They made it to the Championship Race as an at-large team, so there was a lot of nervous waiting the last two weeks until the committee decided who those teams would be.  We couldn’t be more excited for them.  This is such an honor and hopefully not a “once in a lifetime event” for the team.  So, to offer my support again, here’s some more fabulous RED pictures.


Norfolk Pine








 And even snowmen and Starbucks are in the act!
Cheers to you, boys!

snowmen salt and pepper

starbucks coffee


Credit for first five photos are to Photos by Peggy

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