It’s a Great Day to be Red!

Today’s post is a tribute to my son’s high school cross country team who will be traveling to the IL state meet tomorrow with the goal of coming home #1!  As everything around town has been turning from summer green to fall red, it brings to mind that this could very well be the year that it will be “RED” hoisting the championship trophy.
As a send-off to the boys, here are some of the beautiful red colors we’ve been seeing lately.

maple leaf


Fall leaves




Sargent Crab Tree




Norway Maple








Burning Bush





No matter what happens this weekend, just like this geranium still strongly blooming late into fall, these boys are tenacious and aren’t going away anytime soon.  Good Luck!

5 responses to “It’s a Great Day to be Red!

  1. Very nice!!

  2. Beautiful pictures and sentiment!
    Go RED go Alex!! Good luck to the team!!!

  3. Thanks! It’s going to be an exciting RED day!

  4. Good luck to your son and his team! Love the pictures of the crabapples.

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