Finally Fixing the Rabbit Fence

There are so many garden pests, but rabbits have to be right up there at the top of many gardener’s list (unless you have deer, then that’s a whole different issue).  Last summer I posted in “Oh Those Pesky Rabbits” about the issues I was having with rabbits eating many of my tender young vegetables.



For many years I hadn’t had issues with rabbits.  I had installed chicken wire fencing a few years back to block rabbits from getting through the cedar fence.  But as the years went by, both the cedar and chicken wire fences has become damaged, removed, soil levels changed and generally the whole anti-rabbit fence system became ineffective.


Last year, I found these cute babies in the yard, just waiting to attack my gardens.

rabbit nest

By the time I realized I had such a big problem, the cedar fence was almost impossible to get to because of summer foliage.  So I was going to have to wait until spring  to fix it.

Last week, Daisy and I scared a huge rabbit out from under the shed who fled across the yard, escaping through this giant hole in the fence.  It was time to get this problem solved!


Off to Home Depot I went to get some chicken wire, wire cutters and a staple gun.


After trying out a few staple guns, I ended up getting a light duty Stanley TR45.  I hope that it’s strong enough, but I had trouble squeezing anything more powerful and I didn’t want to invest a ton of money.



The staple gun worked just fine for this job.


I think this will keep out the rabbits!


I finished off the rest of the yard in an afternoon, and now will enjoy a nice glass of wine celebrating a job well done.


While I raise a glass to the rabbits, my next puzzle to solve is keeping Daisy out of the peppers.  Check out “Little White Pepper Thief” to see what that problem is.


6 responses to “Finally Fixing the Rabbit Fence

  1. Love to know how the rabbit fence works…my main problem is deer and voles….

    • This worked before, and now it’s just beyond repair so I’m just redoing it. I think a rabbit problem is much easier to deal with than deer. Voles sound like a real nuisance as well. My mom’s had a lot of mole trouble, but that causes different issues. Good luck!

  2. Great job Stephi, hope it solves your problem.

    • Thanks Susie, me too. It worked for quite a while, so hopefully I can get another few year out of it again. So much simpler than fencing the garden.

  3. I hope your rabbit fence works. I know I must have at least one rabbit nest in our garden.

    • I afraid I might have one too. Hopefully the big fat bunny got out of the yard before I fenced it in. Otherwise I’ve created their own yummy restaurant.

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