Little White Pepper Thief

Now that I had replanted my peppers after a “failure to thrive” issue (Not a Great Year for Sweet Peppers), I was all set to harvest bushels of sweet green and red peppers.

Green pepper

But the new plants just didn’t seem to be putting out many peppers.  I thought I saw peppers growing, but then they’d be gone.  It wasn’t the rabbits, none of the leaves were ever touched.  It was very puzzling.

Until we were out barbequing one night, and  Daisy went exploring around the yard like she always does.




Right in front of us, she went over to the garden and popped a pepper right off the plant, laid down and munched happily away!


Now I have to add dogs to the list of garden pests!


6 responses to “Little White Pepper Thief

  1. Wow, I didn’t think dogs ate green stuff, much less peppers!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is soo funny. Lil Daisey loves her veggies.

  3. Pretty amazing. I don’t have a dog but am familiar with “failure to thrive” issues this summer.

    • Definitely another “interesting” gardening year. As usual, some plants have done great, other awful. What survived the tough early summer seems to be doing well. But, a lot of seedlings and tender plants never got going well enough.

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