We have a lot of different daylilies around our yard.  They are so pretty when they are full bloom and great space fillers.  With the introduction of so many varieties of reblooming types, daylilies really can have a place of prominence in the garden.  This has been a particularly good year for the daylilies, so the gardens have been just a succession of pretty colors.  Of course, when I planted them, I promptly lost the name tags and didn’t write many their names down anywhere.  I’ve done my best to figure out what is what, but I welcome any help in identifying what is in my garden.

I stumbled across The American Hemerocallis Society site, Oakes Daylilies, and Olallie Daylily Gardens, among other great daylily websites, while trying to identify my plants and loved their site.  They, and the others, provide a wealth of information and daylily help.  I had no idea there are so many different varieties out there.  I might be tempted to add a few more to my garden…

Overviews of the gardens today:




Next post will include individual pictures.

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