Another problem area

IMG_0799After fixing up the garden in the front of the house, inevitably another spot is starting to look messy and unpleasant.  Many elements of this corner garden are struggling. The overgrown Miss Kim Lilac, the mishmash of day lilies, a giant decorative rock mostly buried under the shrub that serves no purpose, constant weeds, and dead daffodil leaves are a few examples.  This corner says anything but “Welcome to my house!”



So we really needed to spruce this up a bit.  The giant flat accent rock and daylilies  moved to another spot and immediately the site perked up.  I was going to leave some of the daylilies right on the front corner and add 2 boxwoods to the spot next to yew.  As soon as we set the boxwoods there, it was obvious the other daylilies had to go and one more boxwood was added.  The lilac, I will continue to prune in hopes that one day it’ll be small and full again.  And here’s what it looks like now!



One of the constant things I mysteriously find in the garden is small rocks. They are everywhere! I assume they are remnants of the initial house construction and walkway construction. I bring this up because I found about a bucketful in this small area. Rocks are one of those things that I just don’t know what to do with. They’re not landscaping waste, too heavy for the regular trash, so they now go to help fill in the swale in the back that has river rock in it.

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