Beautiful Hibiscus of Kauai

I was fortunate to recently spend a week on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  As you would imagine, the flowers are gorgeous and I especially loved all the hibiscus growing everywhere.  No wonder they are the State Flower of Hawaii.

There are seven wild hibiscus found on the Hawaiian islands.  We came across the Hawaiian White Hibiscus or Koki’o ke’oke’o  (Hibiscus waimea) while visiting the scenic Waimea Canyon drive.  These can be found natively only in the higher elevations of Kauai from the gorgeous Waimea Canyon to the ocean-facing valleys in the west and south-west.

koki'o ke'o ke'o Hibiscus waimeae

koki'o ke'o ke'o Hibiscus waimeae

Most of the other hibiscus found in Hawaii are Chinese hibiscus and other hybrids. But, they are no less beautiful and add gorgeous splashes of color to the gardens of roadsides, homes and hotels.  Actually most everywhere on the island.







I might need to look into growing some hardy hibiscus back at home.  Bring a little of the tropics to Chicago 🙂  Have you had luck growing hibiscus as a perennial in colder climates?

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  1. Those are my most favorite plants!!!! I came across a garden of beautiful hibiscus locally a few years back when my boys were playing a baseball tournament in Northbrook. A village building there had them growing all around the building and they were so beautiful. So, that inspired me to try to grow them in my garden the following summer. . .but no luck. They do sell them at my favorite nursery (The Growing Place in Naperville) so I would love to try them again. If you figure out how to make them thrive here, do share!!!!!

    • There’s a patch of them at the Flagg Creek golf course as well. I watch it all summer and it keeps coming back every year. I actually have a picture in a previous post about golf course gardens. So pretty, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything special about the location. I’ll let you know if I try them and how it goes.

      • I’m convinced it is possible here. Just not sure if I put the plant in the right place. I wanted to put it up against the house so it would have somewhere to lean, but it might have been too shady there. . . .

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