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Lime in the Planter?

I went out to water the front planters the other day and there was dirt and plants all over the front stoop, and a big hole dug in the the tall planter.

Then I saw what looked like a lime in the center of the planter. Now maybe that wouldn’t be so weird, except this is Chicago and limes don’t grow here.

So what was going on?

Cutting it open showed me it wasn’t a lime, butt instead a black walnut. Hmm… So I changed my question to why was there a black walnut in the planter on my front stoop. My best guess is a very creative squirrel. All over my yard I have signs of squirrel activity as they get ready for winter.

Every fall they seem to get very active burying their winter food in my grass and gardens. I don’t really mind, it’s kind of like free aerating. As long as they stay away from my bird feeders!

But, I still don’t understand the black walnut. The closest black walnut tree is over as block away, and after carrying it so far why put its such a difficult spot? But then there’s a lot about squirrel behavior that seems puzzling. Add this to the list 🙂