Spring Vegetables

Two years ago, we created a raised garden along the side of the house to plant vegetables.  It’s about 16×3 and filled with garden soil and peat moss.  I’ll add pictures later of how we did it. This year, I added 3 more bags of Miracle Grow garden soil, but because I am a little early, I couldn’t find any compost or peat moss at the local garden shop yet.  Oh well, I’ll add fertilizer later.  I really wanted to get my cold weather seeds planted in the ground before it warmed up.  Last year we had almost no cool spring weather, so all my cool weather loving plants never happened.  This year, nothing but cold!!

So on April 1, I planted a few rows of some of the hardier seeds.  This is about 6 weeks prior to out normal last frost date of Mother’s Day.  I planted the following:

  • Pea, Mr. Big (Park Seed Co)
  • Spinach, Bloomsdale, Long Standing (Gurney’s)
  • Lettuce, Butterhead (Burpee)
  • Radish, Cherry Bell (Gurney’s)
  • Bok Choy, White Stem (Botanical Interests)
  • Sweet Greens and Reds Lettuce (Renee’s Garden)
  • Carrot, Tenderweet (Gurney’s)

One thing I should note about my seeds, is that I use what I find around in stores and on-line, and sometimes carry them over from year to year.  I know purists frown on this, but I plant what I have.  I did buy seeds this year from Burpee on-line.  Image

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