A couple of weeks ago as I pulled in the driveway,  I noticed a dead patch in the parkway grass.


We’ve had problems in this area before because it’s a really sunny hot spot and  I don’t run the in-ground sprinkler that often, so I assumed it was more of the same.  But, I finally went up there and was looking more closely and I could see dead grass footprints walking away from the dead area, going up between us and our neighbors, towards the side of the house.



So what happened? I’m not sure, but my guess is that fertilizer, some type of weeder concentrate  or even possibly round-up, was spilled and the landscaping worker stepped in it and it stuck to his boots.  It must have been pretty strong because obvious footprints probably go for about 30 ft.  I really would have hoped that if such a spill happened that they would have taken more care to clean it up, and certainly not traipse it all over the yard.  Looks like I’ll be reseeding some more in the fall.

Japanese beetle update–

I went and checked on my roses and there are many fewer Japanese Beetles on the roses, and the ones I saw seemed to be chewing on fresh rose buds.  I sprayed a little bit more on the new growth areas so hopefully there’ll be some new blooms soon.  I also saw that the Bee Balm was still nicely covered in all kinds of honey bees.

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