Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!


Halloween is always a mixed bag weather-wise here.  I’ve seen everything from 70’s and gorgeous, to 30’s with snow, and everything in between.  This year looks like a rainy, yet rather warm day and not very windy.  In the scheme of things, I guess not too bad.  But then, my kids are past their trick-or-treating years (I think) so I don’t need to worry about how to get their costume over their winter coat, or trying to figure out how to trick-or-treat with an umbrella.

When the drizzle stopped for a little bit this morning, I went out to see how the colors were changing and the garden faring.

For some reason the dying hostas looked so interesting today…


My “schizophrenic” tree, as a fellow blogger so aptly named it, is continuing on it’s own odd path through the fall changes…

maple colors

The maples, burning bushes and serviceberries are just glowing these days…

maple in fall colors

Burning bush

 And this mess I’ll talk about tomorrow… 


  Trick or Treaters are arriving!  So glad they weren’t scared off by the rain!

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  1. Our kids are no longer at home, and stopped the trick or treating when they were about 11. We do have a fair number of young kids on our street, though, and I look forward to seeing them in their costumes. Last night there were fewer than usual due to the rain.

    • This was the first year with no one heading out to trick or treat. My kids were a little older when they stopped. I was happy to see so many kids out, despite the weather. Biggest group we’ve had in a while. They almost seemed challenged not to let the weather get them down.

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