Beginning to Look Like a Jungle

I finally got my basil seeds to start indoors.   I kept forgetting to by them at the store.  I  planted them in the seed trays on April 11, so I should be fine for transplanting in May.  The other seedlings are growing like gangbusters.  Just need to remember to keep them watered and turned.  When the water starts to get too low, the first to go will be the corner squares.  In the picture, you can see a pepper plant looking a little weak, signs that I let the water get a little too low.  You can also see that I need to turn the plants, they are growing all over each other towards the window.

Two things I need to work on.  1)  Thin out the plants.  I usually put a couple of seeds in each space, so once they get growing I need to pinch back to just one plant.  It remains healthier, and I just don’t have the space in my garden to plant them all.   2)  I also think I need to figure out how to stake some of the seedlings, otherwise I’m going to get a giant tangled mess of climbing plants.  What do you do when your seedlings get too leggy and big and it’s too soon to plant them outdoors?



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