Before Vacation

It’s always tough to go leave the garden and go on vacation.  It seems like something (or everything) is ready to just burst out in color or ripen just in time to go away. Or the weather can you throw you a curve ball and get crazy hot/cold or dry/wet. Very unpredictable. I assumed this year was no different, so right before we left I had my daughter Emily take some pictures to do a little before and after.

Some of the flowers were already in full bloom and likely will be past peak before we get back…

asian lily




Bee balm



Some were ready to bloom and I can only hope I don’t miss the show…

Stephi Gardens


Stephi Gardens




Jackmanii clematus

The vegetables were flourishing.  The cooler weather vegetables were starting to show signs of stress and looking ready to bolt, but still fine to harvest for a little while longer.  Peppers, squash and beans were almost ready, so my friend who is helping with dog sitting and plant watering should get some treats.  I’d hate for them to go to waste and there’ll be plenty more.  Tomatoes are growing like gang-busters, but not expecting any ripe ones quite yet.

Stephi Gardens




summer squash


Stephi Gardens

Vacations are always a little tricky to be sure everything stays healthy in the garden.  Right before we left for almost 2 weeks, I gave everything a watering with Miracle-Gro fertilizer and dead-headed everything that would benefit from it.  I set the sprinkler to try and optimize waterings, and had a friend also check on things and keep the pots watered.  I also tried to be sure the plants that needed staking were supported so things wouldn’t be too out of hand when I got back.

How do your gardens fare when you go on vacation?

4 responses to “Before Vacation

  1. Your gardens are lovely. Hope they do well while you enjoy your vacation.

    • Thanks, thankfully they did for the most part. I’ll post soon with the after shots. We were in your neck of the woods vacationing in SC then college tours including a couple in NC. What a pretty area. I should know this, but what were all the trees with the pretty pink flowers in bloom this past week? It’s cheerful to see trees in bloom this late in the season (as well as the abundant daylilies lining the highways)

  2. I do not go on vacation over summer…it is too hard with the veg gardens here as I have to prune, harvest and watch for disease and critters…I am hoping to go to warmer climates in winter as that is when we go crazy with the cold snowy weather here…enjoy your time away as your garden will do fine…they usually do don’t they….and I bet it will save some blooms for your return.

    • I’ve never had this many vegetables before, so this was a little different for me. Of course, it’s also the year we were gone longer than usual. All seems to be fine, if not a bit overgrown but nothing I can get a handle on when it stops raining. After this past winter I think we all want to head south this coming winter!

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