Angel Wings in the Snow

Of all the tracks in the snow this winter, I have been the most fascinated by the ones that look like angel wings.  Every so often in the newly fallen snow, I’ve found soft little wing-like brush marks.  Are they from birds dancing?  Showing off for a potential mate?  Or just stretching in the sun?  Whatever the reason, they leave the softest little flutter marks to be enjoyed by us.  I’m not positive, but I think these have been left by the Cardinals.

IMG_5288 (1)




bird wings in snow


bird wings in snow


bird wings in snow

Or maybe they were just making snow angels that no one, including my husband Steve, can resist making in fresh, fluffy snow.


6 responses to “Angel Wings in the Snow

  1. Very interesting! I have never seen the snow angels in my yard!!

  2. This is the first winter I’ve seen them from the birds. But, we don’t usually have enough snow to have much going on. Really pretty when you see them. So dainty. I do usually get at least one big one in the yard, but most often from Alex, not Steve.

  3. Nice pictures – I’ve never seen those markings made by the birds’ wings. Though I for one definitely can resist making snow wings, though I enjoy watching others do it.

    • This was definitely unusual. I guess one of the positive things to come out of all this snow! And my husband doesn’t usually make snow angels, that was quite a surprise.

  4. Huh, I too never saw them. It kinda looks like when birds take dust baths, only these are in snow. Nice find.

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