Rain, Rain, Rain

We’ve had a lot of rain and thunderstorms the last few days, dropping over a half inch of rain just since yesterday.  We had a couple of warm days over the weekend, but now we’re stuck back in the 40s.  But even though it’s still pretty chilly, with all the rain everything is starting to green up.  I’ve got my first sprouts from the seeds I planted in the garden a couple of weeks ago.  I’m starting to see  radishes, peas and lettuce.

Radish sproutImage

We almost had a bit of a disaster with the peas.  My husband was spreading Preen in the gardens, and since the peas weren’t in the raised bed, he didn’t realize they were there.  Yep, covered in Preen.  After visiting the Preen website and learning a wealth of information about weeds and weed prevention, come to find out it won’t affect the peas from sprouting.  So, I have peas sprouting in nice cool weather that is perfect for the plants to grow in.  Hope to get more than the 4 peapods I got last year.

Peas are sprouting, first leaves are still in the seed shell-they’re the 4 bright ball looking things


And best of all, the trees are finally budding on this dreary, cloudy, drizzly day.

 Branched MapleImage

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